About Us


"PRALMA" Co., Ltd. is a leading producer of industrial laundry equipment in the Polish market. Equipment included in our offer is designed for washing of clothing in water in small, medium and large laundries. It is used in private hospital laundries, which provide service, among others, for contagious diseases and infants’ wards, social assistance homes, processing plants, as well as in hotel and restaurant laundries, laundries which serve hostels, holiday centres, fitness clubs, ships, etc.

The firm was established in 1992 on the initiative of people who have been professionally involved for many years with the laundry industry. Thanks to such experience our products meet the most stern demands of institutional laundries, being characterized by a high grade of performance, durability, fully industrial design, and the applied technical solutions guarantee energy-saving while maintaining excellent results of washing, operating comfort, and the safety and hygiene of work. Many businesses have equipped their laundries with the stock of machinery being in the offer of our firm and they have been using it successfully until to date.

Since 1995 "PRALMA", Ltd. Co. has been an authorized trading agent of the Belgian firm Primus in Poland. The Primus group has a complex distribution and production network of its own products worldwide, including Belgium, France and in the Czech Republic.